Grieving with Hope

After loss, some people write a book or at least journal their experience. That’s what I did. I had so many emotions coming all at once that I had to just write. It wasn’t for anyone but me, but inside, I felt that maybe God was going to use my journaling for something in the future. Fast forward 3 years and He began to show me how. ~Jen

In 2009, we were led to put together a resource that we hope will help others as they journey through the unclear, uncertain, process of grief. This project is put together beautifully and is very unique. It is our testimony of loss and the journey we are on with God through grief. You will hear us share words from our journals, words of encouragement from others that helped change our perspective and, most importantly, precious scripture passages that were the most healing to us.

What makes the project unique is that it’s put together in a way that walks the listener from the day pain invaded our lives, through the questions of “why” and into a new perspective, looking forward to our real Home, what it is to grieve with the Hope God offers through His Son and resting in and knowing the God of all comfort.

There are five original songs written by Mike and Nancy Demus who are incredibly gifted and love God like we do. It is meant to be an encouragement to others experiencing loss.