How Can You Help Others?

Many people, including the families we help, want to give back to help the next family, and there will always be another family. There are three ways on this site that you can do that.

1. Make a one-time donation in memory of or in honor of someone.

2. Become a monthly sponsor. $75 a month will help one family this year.

3. Round up every single purchase you make. I love this option for someone who doesn't think they can commit to a monthly amount. This allows you to passively give to Savannah Smiles each month based on how many times you use your card. Simply follow the prompts to link your most used debit or credit card to our processor. Each time you make a purchase with THAT card, it will automatically round up the dollar amount and donate it directly to Savannah Smiles each month. It will also automatically donate $9.99 should you not reach that amount. We just wanted to be totally transparent with you should you choose this option but you're on a tight budget.

I (Jennifer) have linked my own card and what I have noticed is that I end up giving $30-$40 a month just in change. That's amazing. Now you can get everyone in your family giving back to the mission of Savannah Smiles, and thinking of your loved one each time they use their card.

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Other Ways to Support

  • Participate in our Annual Golf Tournament

  • Build out a fundraiser via your own FB page

  • A Trust

    We have a few families who have added Savannah Smiles to their trust/will.

  • Donate

    Send a check to our office @ 385 Indian Village RD. Slidell, LA 70461

  • Venmo Us @